Professor Dr. Nic James

Professor Nic James is a well known researcher in sports performance analysis having worked mainly in academic settings but also in elite sport. Nic has developed a number of academic courses in performance analysis, motor learning and statistics from undergraduate to postgraduate level. He helped develop a Sports Science degree at Swansea University before leading the MSc in Performance Analysis at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Nic is currently head of research for the London sport Institute and currently spends much of his time supervising PhD students and teaching at Masters Level.

Recent International Journal publications

  1. Štrumbelj, B., Vučković, G., Jakovljevic, S., Milanovic, Z., James, N. & Erculj, F. (2015). Graded shuttle run performance by playing positions in elite female basketball. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 29, 3, 793-799.
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  5. Milanović, Z., Vučković, G., James, N., Hughes, M., Murray, S., Perš, J. & Sporiš, G. (2014). Does SAQ training improve the speed and flexibility of young soccer players? A randomized controlled trial. Human Movement Science, 38, 197-208.
  6. Vučković, G., James, N., Hughes, M., Murray, S., Milanović, Z., Perš, J. & Sporiš, G. (2014). A New Method for Assessing Squash Tactics Using 15 Court Areas for Ball Locations. Human Movement Science, 34, 81-90.
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  12. Prosen, J., James, N., Dimitriou, L., Perš, J. & Vuckovic, G. (2013). A time-motion analysis of turns performed by highly ranked Viennese waltz dancers. Journal of Human Kinetics, 37, 55-62.
  13. Vučković, G., James, N., Hughes, M., Murray, S.R., Sporiš, G. & Perš, J. (2013). The effect of court location and available time on the tactical shot selection of elite squash players. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 12, 66-73.
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